Longtime Martinsville Teacher Celebrates 102 Birthday On Tuesday

(UNDATED) – The I-69 Finish Line Project Team wants to shine the spotlight this week on a longtime Martinsville teacher and volunteer who has dedicated her life to helping others. Ruth Rusie will celebrate her 102nd birthday on Tuesday.

After retiring from the MSD of Martinsville, Rusie continued to promote and champion literacy outside of the classroom along with a host of other volunteer efforts.

Watch this short video to hear what the Rusie brothers say about the many lives their mother has touched.

Jim Rusie says his mother’s actions were always guided by the mantra, “If we’re not on this Earth to help other people, why are we here?”

John Rusie says his mom cares about people and improving lives and that will serve as her legacy. Ongoing work on I-69 Finish Line in Martinsville presents the perfect opportunity to honor a woman who has impacted so many others. Ruth Rusie Lane, the entrance to a shopping area off Ohio Street, will now stand in tribute to her life of service.

The Rusie brothers recently presented the street sign to their mother on behalf of the Project Team. “I am greatly honored for having a street named in my honor in Martinsville. Our purpose on Earth is to serve and service has always been my motivation,” said Ruth Rusie.

When reflecting on the honor for his mom, Dave Rusie summed it up by saying, “Hopefully somebody in the future, future generations, will wonder who that was (while traveling on Ruth Rusie Lane) and they’ll do a little research and they’ll say she was quite a lady.”


Finishing work is continuing along State Road 39 and Morton Avenue with final surfacing and permanent striping of the wider roadway expected later this month.

Watch for intermittent flagging in the area. Paving continues on S.R. 37 from Morgan Street to S.R. 144. Crews are resurfacing the median and northbound shoulder to prepare for a traffic shift next year.

Drivers should expect extended single-lane northbound lane closures outside of morning rush hour. The left lane of S.R. 37 southbound is expected to be closed during the day Tuesday for concrete barrier installation. The paving work will continue through the fall.

As a reminder, updated project maps are available to help you track what’s happening now and the improvements still to come. Downloadable maps are high resolution. Zoom in for a closer look at a particular area.

Bridge deck pours are scheduled this week for S.R. 37 southbound over Indian Creek bridge and New Harmony Road over Stotts Creek. Watch for trucks moving in and out of the area.

Concrete decks were poured last week for the new Egbert Road bridge over S.R. 37 and Old S.R. 37 bridge over Crooked Creek.

New sections of Perry and Lincoln roads opened last week. Watch for Perry Lane residents using the temporary access to S.R. 37, making Lincoln Road at Mark Court a four-way intersection. Perry Road remains closed south of Perry Lane to complete tie-in work for the new overpass.

Crews are completing the road work and grading to connect Country Club Road and Myra Lane along the northwest side of S.R. 37.  The new access road is expected to open by the end of October.

Look Ahead

Three local roads will close permanently at S.R. 37 on or after Oct. 19. These are Big Bend Road, Whiteland Road west of S.R. 37 and Old S.R. 37 north of Perry Road.

Click here to see a map of the area. The local road closures are for the final stages of bridge construction at Perry and Waverly roads, which are on track to open across S.R. 37 in mid-November.  

 In preparation for the local road closures, the new, temporary signal at S.R. 37 and Banta Road will be activated on or after Wednesday, Oct. 14. Drivers should slow down and use caution while adjusting to the new signal.

Twin Branch Road is now closed at S.R. 37 for the final phase of access road construction. Access to homes in the area is from S.R. 44. Final paving and striping will occur after all sections are completed in the coming weeks

.Rolling closures and lane closures are possible daily along S.R. 37 near Egbert Road, Henderson Ford Road, Perry Road, Waverly Road and Whiteland Road.

The I-69 Finish Line project office remains closed temporarily, but our Project Team stands ready to assist. Call 855-INDOT-4U or email INDOT@indot.in.gov to connect with our team. Find the latest news, information and traffic updates at I-69FinishLine.comFacebookTwitter and Instagram.