Town of Oolitic Will Allow Trick or Treating

(OOLITIC) – During the town council meeting Monday night, the council president stated they have looked at CDC guidelines, consulted with the Lawrence County Health Department, and looked at the Governor’s recommendation in trying to determine if there can be trick or treating within the town limits.

The CDC and Lawrence County Health board have advised it is high risk to have trick or treating. But, the town council decided they will not sanction it. They will however allow residents to make their own determination on whether to go trick or treating or take part in the event.

Robert Terrell, the owner of the bait shop in Oolitic, was seeking advice and will be having safe trick or treating at his business.

The Town of Oolitic will be notifying the Lawrence County Commissioners and Surveyor Corey Allen in conveying two streets to the town. They applied for a grant for paving this year and discovered a portion of Hoosier Avenue and a portion of Lafayette Avenue belong to the county and not the Town of Oolitic. Therefore, the streets could not get paved.

The Town of Oolitic will be looking at purchasing a lifter for the trash truck. The town picks up from 8 to 24 tons of trash a month. The lift will prevent back injuries.

The town is also considering electronic water meters to cut down on the man hours it takes to read meters. Currently, it takes three workers 2 to 3 days a month to read the meters. The meters will also notify town employees immediately of any water leaks. The current estimate for electronic meters is $131,000.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s department gifted to the Oolitic Police Department a police car. The town has been waiting for over a month to receive new plates from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Marilyn Crouch addressed the council on a property that borders her property with weeds and high-grass that she wants the town to look into.

Bethany Prichett asked about building a small outbuilding on her property to live in. She was asking for the town procedure and ordinances in regards to such a occupancy.

The town will be looking at drafting a continuance of operations plan for the town following the practice drill the town took part in on September 11 – 12.