Board Of Zoning Appeals Approves Daycare Special Exemption – Denies Sign Variance

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Zoning appeals approved Kyla Terrell’s request to operate a daycare located at 727 Columbia Avenue.

The daycare is zoned R-3 and in order to operate a daycare Terrell was to apply for a special use exemption. The daycare has been in operation for over two years and Terrell was told by former Plan Director Dan Kirk she did not have to apply for any special exemptions.

A complaint was filed on the daycare for a sign violation, and after research by Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward the daycare was in violation of the zoning for the neighborhood.

Other than the one complaint there were no issues with operating a daycare at this location.

Terrell was told, however, she would have to take down the current sign because it violated the sign ordinance adopted back in April 2015. Signs in residential neighborhoods can only be 6 square feet. The sign for the daycare is 18 square feet.

The Zoning Appeals Board voted to deny the request for a variance of the sign ordinance.

St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School withdrew their request for a variance for sponsorship signs to be hung on their fence along J and 18th streets.

Mason Brasher was approved for a variance from a lesser than required setback on his property located at 201 20th Street to build a new garage. The board approved the request on the condition that a bush be removed at the street corner.