High School Equivalency Test Fees Covered By CARES Act Funding

(UNDATED) – Indiana will provide local adult education programs reimbursement for test fees for students who take the high school equivalency through December 30, according to Marilyn Pitzulo, associate chief adult education, of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

To qualify, students must be Indiana residents, currently enrolled in an adult education program, and have successful scores on a practice exam.

Funding is through the CARES Act and will cover up to $95 for the exam at test centers.

Local adult education personnel believe that additional funding will be a boost.

The HSE is a gateway to further financial progress for many community members.

For the cost of an HSE diploma, which opens the doors for a new and promising career, is the cost of food on the table, gas in the car to get to the present low paying job, and medicine for children. The door to open the new career is the HSE diploma. 

Adult educators say it was heart breaking for students to spend hours in class preparing for the exam but come up short because they could not afford to pay for the test.

The CARES Act funding for HSE test fees could not come at a better time. Hoosiers without a high school credential are finding it even more difficult to land back on their feet as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into late summer.

The HSE grant reinforces that Indiana is willing to support students in their educational journey and that a degree can be a huge difference in earning potential.