Bedford City Council Members Provided Updates On Projects

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford City Council members were provided updates on projects that the city has been working on.

Plan Director Brandon Woodward was asked to oversee these projects.

The Otis Park Red Brick building was damaged by fire earlier this year. Servpro was able to remove the asbestos from the building and the last test showed no signs of asbestos. The next step is for SerpPro to start mitigating the damage to the building. An engineer will then submit plans to the state for approval.

The city is moving forward with the Gateway Project which will be placed in front of Crowders Pharmacy on the eastside of Bedford. The pillars are 2×8 and stand approximately 16 feet. Johnny Signs is expected to place the pillars on September 28th and 29th.

The Times -Mail Mural has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Times-Mail expressed they did not want vendors on the property at this time. The water from the roof is causing damage to the paint on the current mural. The Times-Mail will make repairs to the roof and Mark McKinsey will come down and re-paint the mural.

The Milwaukee Depot has some water damage around the dormers. Repairs will have to be made to prevent further damage. There is no word at this time on how much the repairs will cost.