Hauck House To Add Security Cameras

(BEDFORD) – The Hauck House will be adding six more security cameras to the facility. This will bring the total number of cameras to 33.

The Bedford Housing Authority received an additional $37,000 from Section 8. Officials have not said what the additional money will be used for.

Orb Fire Protection replaced four fire extinguishers at the Hauck House during their normal inspection.

There have been no issues with COVID-19 at the Hauck House and residents are adhering to the guidelines and social distancing rules.

The smoking area outside the facility is being used and residents have been responsive to using the area instead of smoking in front of the building.

The Board of Commissioners approved more updates to the Standard Operating Procedures for the Bedford Housing Authority.

The elevator for the Hauck House is now working after a motor overheated last week. Firefighters with the Bedford Fire Department found the elevator motor had overheated. There was no fire, but the building did fill with smoke. The fire department used fans to help clear the smoke from the building.