MCCSC Continues in Phase Yellow

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Monroe County Community School Corporation will continue in Phase Yellow. 

Elementary students attend in person instruction. Secondary schools attend on the hybrid schedule. Students in the online program will remain online. 

The Monroe County Community School Corporation will reassess the Learning Phase on October 6 for October 12.

Each county will have a color – blue, yellow, orange or red – that indicates severity of COVID-19’s spread. It’s based on a formula of the number of new cases per 100,000 residents, the positivity rate and recent change in that rate.

A blue color designation indicates minimal community spread. Schools can operate in person for all grades but limit activities where social distancing isn’t feasible.

A county in orange is experiencing moderate to high community spread. In this case, the recommendations include grade schools continue in-person and that a hybrid learning approach be considered for middle and high school students.”

Yellow indicates moderate community spread of the virus. In this stage, the state suggests schools increase vigilance around mask-wearing, social distancing. and hand-washing and consider limiting attendance at athletic events to parents and close family.

In red counties, the state suggests middle and high schools move to virtual learning and cancel all assemblies and extra-curricular activities.