Wilson Park Will Remain A Ball Field

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Parks board voted Tuesday night to keep Wilson Park a ball field.

Mason and Jaden Kern play baseball at Wilson Park Tuesday night.

The Bedford Parks board listened to residents who had many concerns and spoke of the historical value of keeping Wilson Park a ball field.

“The location is not good and I would like to have a dog park. But, we do not have the money to make it a dog park; it would need improvements making it a dog park there. We do not have the money at this time to do that,” said Jo Underwood, Bedford Parks Department Board Member.

Jerimiah Kern (left) and his two sons Mason (right) and Jaden (first base) use Wilson Park twice a week to play ball.

“We use this park about two times a week playing ball. If it was a dog park we probably would have used it as a dog park, but we are happy it staying the same,” said Jerimiah Kern who was playing ball with his two sons Mason and Paden at Wilson Park on Tuesday night.

Bedford City Councilman Brad Bough said, “right idea, just wrong location and I will help try to find a location for a dog park.”