Pencil Art Provides Stress Relief For Artists

(BEDFORD) – The Wiley Art Museum holds monthly public showings of art for the public to view and take in some of the beautiful work local artists create.

James Lee Hutchinson, Paula Dunlap, and Pat Hutton display their works Friday night at Wiley’s Art Museum

Last Friday night, artists Paula Dunlap, Pat Hutton, and Lee James Hutchinson were on hand to share some of the pencil art they created.

The Wiley Art Museum moved to the J street location, across from the Milwaukee Depot, back in 2011.

“The Lawrence County Art Association started around 1964 and moved into several locations across the county over the years. The first being located on Art Gallery Road near Mitchell,” said Artist David Fields.

The group was started by Charlie Crawford and Maxine Hurd.

Charlie Crawford one of the founders of the Lawrence County Art Association

“I am an example of a person who thought I would never be able to be an artist. I was horrible in grade school, my pictures were never chosen to be hung on the wall at Parkview Elementary. I got the look, at least you tried,” said Sannie Justesten, Lawrence County Art Association President.

“But, I always loved art. I had a friend who was a professional artist, and he encouraged me to try. He told me most of it is not talent, it is how passionate you are about it and how much you are willing to work at it, ” Justesen continued.

“You put in 5,000 hours of anything, you can master it, I wanted to put in those 5,000 hours because I wanted to do it,” Justesen added.

“During these times when people are worried and upset, the artwork gives you the ability to get away from all that clutter and focus on your art piece,” said Justesen.

Justesen started exploring many mediums of art and did not take any lessons. She taught herself and has been a member of the group for eight years.

Justesen invites everyone to come and get involved with the group.

“These people are a lot of fun, and colored pencils are a great medium to start with.”

The group has about ten shows a year, or approximately once a month. For $25 a year, anyone can be a part of the association. For that money, you get to exhibit your art at the show and at Spring Mill State Park Inn. The inn showcases about 100 pictures there and they sell a lot of pictures to the tourists. It’s a great way to sell your artwork and the Lawrence Art Association makes a 20 percent commission on each one sold.

The group meets on Thursdays around 8:30 a.m. and you can come and start working on your project. No one teaches art from the group, but you can come and get valuable information on how to create your own masterpiece.