Indiana State Police Arrest Two Arrested On Meth Charges

(BEDFORD) – Two people were arrested Wednesday on meth charges.

Indiana State Police troopers arrested 42-year-old Troy Tillette of Mitchell and 35-year-old Rachelle Johnson of Bedford.

Troy Tillette

Tillette is facing charges of possession of meth over 5 grams with a prior conviction.

Rachelle Johnson

Johnson is facing felony charges of dealing meth over 5 grams, possession of meth over 5 grams with a prior conviction, and unlawful possession of a syringe.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Wednesday ISP troopers received information that Tillette and Johnson were dealing meth in Lawrence County. The two were traveling to Indianapolis to purchase the drug and returning to Lawrence County to sell it.

An undercover State Trooper found a 2008 gray Jeep Commander and identified Tillette as the driver and Johnson as the passenger.

The vehicle was traveling 70 miles an hour in a 60 mile per hour zone southbound on State Road 37 at Washboard Road. Tillette then changed from the passing lane to the right lane without signaling just before passing State Road 58.

The vehicle was stopped by a Mitchell Police Officer and his K-9 alerted to possible drugs in the vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle police found a syringe in Johnson’s purse.

Police say Tillette and Johnson both had conflicting stories and indicated they only went to Bloomington.

The trooper knew that was a lie because he had tracked them all the way to Indianapolis.

Body cavity search warrants were issued but nothing was found.

Troopers went back to the scene of the traffic stop and located a plastic bag that contained approximately 7 grams of a crystal substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine.

During an interview Tillette confessed they went to Indianapolis to purchase meth and that he and Johnson had both used some of the drug.

Tillette told police he indicated he did not know there was 7 grams left,
and only thought they had purchased a couple grams.

Tillette told the trooper Johnson threw the meth out the window before being pulled over.

Tillette said Johnson must have planned to give some of the meth to her stepfather.

The trooper received information that the stepfather was at his home and found several missed telephone calls on the phone in the vehicle from Johnson’s stepfather.

The trooper said Johnson and Troy were co-defendants in another possession of methamphetamine case in which Tillette pled guilty

The trooper said he believe Johnson’s intentions were to supply her stepfather with meth when she returned home.

A search warrant was executed at Tillette’s and Johnson’s residence and numerous items of drug paraphernalia that field-tested positive for meth were located.