Commissioners Deny Request To Place Gate On County Roadway

(BEDFORD) – This morning the commissioners heard a request from David Phillips to place a gate at the opening of his property at Oak Hill East.

Phillips lives on a dead-end street with a cul-de-sac. He requested to place a gate up because of increased traffic in front of his home.

Phillips told the commissioners that motorists have no business being back there because he is the only property owner back on the dead-end road.

But the commissioners all agreed they could not legally allow Phillips to install a gate.

Commissioner Rodney Fish

“”Legally we can’t do that,” said Commissioner Rodney Fish. “It’s not that was are not sensitive to your problem, but we can’t allow you to put up a gate on a county road. We just can’t allow that to happen.”

However, Phillips can petition the commissioners to have the road abandoned. Phillips would then be responsible for snow plowing and upkeep to the road.

The commissioners did agree to put up a dead end sign in the area.

“I didn’t think this would be a problem, ” Phillips said.

In other business:

Clerk Billie Tumey requested the use of Courthouse Plaza for the upcoming November election. That request was approved.

Veterans Affairs Officer Brad Bough reported the August 29th celebration on the Courthouse lawn to mark the 75th Commemoration of the end of World War II has been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. No new date has been set.

Veterans Affairs Officer Brad Bough

“Many of the veterans are in their 90s and out of safety concerns we thought this was best,” Bough added.

Bough also recognized the veterans of the Korean War.

“You have not been forgotten,” he added.

The commissioners approved the request of Attorney Byron Steele to make a correction on a mistake that was made 50 years ago on the deed of Western Hill Addition and amend an order to open a public highway.

Sheriff Mike Branham

Sheriff Mike Branham reported there were 152 inmates in the jail this morning. Of those 121 are males, 31 females, one Level 6 felon, 4 Department of Correction holds and no parole holds.

“We are still tracking better then we were a year ago,” Sheriff Branham added.

Work on the ramps at the jail is almost complete.

“We are getting ready to seal the concrete and paint,” Sheriff Branham added.

Highway Superintendent David Holmes

Highway Superintendent David Holmes reported crews are mowing, cutting brush and patching roads. Paving continues in District 3.

“We did get our August draw from the state hopefully revenue will be steady from now on,” Holmes added.

Bridge crews are assisting with paving projects and spraying bridges and guard rails.

There are also holes in the East Oolitic bridge.

“We are patching them,” Holmes added. “But we will have to look into a long term fix in the future.”

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer reported she is submitting more than $160,000 in receipts to receive reimbursement from the CARES Act.

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer

“We need to spend as much of this for COVID-19 response,” she added. “What we don’t spend must be sent back.”

Luchauer shared she continues to receive numerous calls from residents and teachers regarding COVID-19.

“I share my best knowledge I can with them,” she added.