New School Year Begins At Mitchell Community Schools

(MITCHELL) – Mitchell Community School students and staff began a new school year this morning.

Dr. Brent Comer And Dr. Steve Grissom greet students and staff this morning on Mitchell Community Schools first day

Dr. Brent Comer and Dr. Steve Grissom greeted students and staff at Hatfield Elementary School this morning with words of encouragement to prepare them for an exciting year of imparting knowledge, skills, and educational tools that will help them face the world of challenges that lie ahead.

Dr. Grissom talks to a parent

“Our staff from the kitchen, janitors, teachers, aides… the whole corporation has worked as a team to make sure everything is taken care of. From the student’s needs to the preparation of our buildings, we have decided we are all in this together and we will see things through as one team,” Dr. Comer said this morning as he greeted the staff and students.

Dr. Grissom talks to a school bus driver about their first day picking up students

“I am ready for this school year. We have trained and prepared to be able to meet their education needs. It is very exciting to start this school year,” said Dr. Steve Grissom, principal of Hatfield Elementary.

Grissom took over in January as principal at Hatfield, and this is his first time opening the school year as principal.

Students are ready for a new school year

The buses rolled into Hatfield with fewer students than you might normally see on school buses, as the corporation encouraged parents to drive their students to the school to promote social distancing.

This morning,went off without any complications. Everyone was glad to get back to work with hopes for a normal school year.