Dr. Mike Wilcox Resigns As Mitchell Community School Superintendent

(MITCHELL) – The Mitchell Community School board will meet on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at the school administration building to name an interim Superintendent following Dr. Mike Wilcox’s resignation.

Dr. Wilcox addressed who he called “the world’s finest educators” this morning in a brief message to the Mitchell Community School staff to let them know about his decision to step down.

“This was an extremely difficult decision to make. At this time, my daughters need Dr. Mike Wilcox to be a dad much more than Mitchell Community Schools needs Mike Wilcox to be their Superintendent,” said Dr. Wilcox in a press release to WBIW this morning.

“God has blessed me in so many ways, but the greatest blessing he has bestowed on me is my amazing daughters. When I stand before my maker, I want to be able to thank him for giving this opportunity to be the best ‘dad’ I can be during this challenging window of time. It is of the utmost importance that everyone understands that this was my decision to step away from my current position. No one asked me to step away, not even my amazing daughters, but in my heart I know is the absolute correct thing to do,” said Dr. Wilcox.

Dr. Wilcox at a previous Mitchell Community School board meeting.

“I will be forever grateful for the honor of being Mitchell Community Schools Superintendent and in some small way, I hope that I conveyed that through my love of Mitchell Community Schools and the Mitchell Community,” Dr. Wilcox continued.

Dr. Wilcox will continue to reside in Mitchell and be an active member of the community.

“I want to thank the Mitchell Community School board for their understanding and support of this decision. It has truly been a privilege to serve this community and to have the opportunity of calling myself a Blue Jacket,” he added.

Dr. Wilcox was hired in November of 2018 to replace retiring Mitchell Superintendent Dr. Steve Phillips. Dr. Wilcox was previously superintendent for the Edgewood Community School district in Monroe County.