Bloomington Man Arrested After Stealing Car

(BEDFORD) – A Bloomington man was arrested early this morning after a Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the 8850 block of State Road 150 after a report of a suspicious vehicle in a driveway and someone knocking on the caller’s door.

When the deputy pulled in the driveway the vehicle was headed toward the deputy. The deputy activated his lights and stopped the vehicle.

The deputy approached the vehicle and asked for the driver’s identification and why he was at the caller’s home.

Scott Afanador

The male driver, 44-year-old Scott Afanador, told police he was looking for a male friend’s house and this is where his GPS took him, but he said no one would answer the door.

The deputy told Afanador the male he was looking for did not live at the home and the homeowners were concerned why he was knocking on their door.

The officer then ran the registration of the vehicle and learned the vehicle had been stolen from Bloomington.

Afanador was asked to step out of the vehicle and was placed in handcuffs.

Afanador told the deputy he did not steal the vehicle but had borrowed it.

The vehicle was towed and the Bloomington Police Department was notified of the recovery.

Afanador was arrested on a charge of auto theft.