City Of Bloomington Utilities Reports Two Additional COVID-19 Cases

(BLOOMINGTON) – Two employees of the City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) Transmission and Distribution (T&D) services division received positive COVID-19 viral test results today. Both employees were identified through contact tracing after the positive test result of a co-worker July 20, and were tested the same day. 

Having self-isolated since first experiencing symptoms July 17 and July 19 respectively, both employees have been placed on paid leave to recover. Two CBU employees in the T&D division previously diagnosed with COVID-19 are also currently on paid leave.  

The City is implementing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to identify  co-workers with whom the employee recently interacted, monitor and protect their health, and prevent further viral transmission.  Also per CDC guidelines, the facilities, vehicles, and equipment that the employee came into contact with are being thoroughly decontaminated.  As neither employee regularly interacts with the public in the course of their work, it has been ascertained that members of the public were not placed at risk of exposure by this employee.

Today’s announcement marks the third and fourth reported COVID-19 diagnoses among CBU staff and the seventh and eighth among City staff; in addition, one Bloomington Transit employee reported a positive COVID-19 viral test result and one City employee reported a positive COVID-19 antibody test result. The recent series of positive test results among City staff follows a span of almost twelve weeks with no new cases since two employees received the first positive test results March 28 and April 2.  The City of Bloomington is committed to sharing information about how its operations and workforce are affected by this public health emergency and will continue to provide updates about confirmed cases among staff while protecting employees’ privacy.