IU Scholars Are Top Contributors To Conversation Website

(BLOOMINGTON) – Indiana University faculty are making a name for themselves on The Conversation, a website where scholars write about their research and expertise for the public.

Over the past year, IU has had more stories published than any other university.

“The partnership between IU and The Conversation has allowed millions of people throughout the world to hear directly from IU experts who are leaders in their area of study, on some of the most timely and relevant topics facing our world,” said Fred H. Cate, IU vice president for research. “We are thankful to all of the faculty who have taken the time to share their insights on such important topics, and we look forward to seeing this collaboration continue to grow.”

IU had 140 published stories from July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. The next closest were the University of Southern California (95), University of Michigan (82), University of Pennsylvania (67) and Boston University (58).

The reach of the stories is eye-opening for many authors, as The Conversation’s content agreements with the Associated Press and other outlets — all free via Creative Commons licenses — lead to stories going around the country and all over the world.