Monroe County Community School Corp. 2020-2021 Learning Opportunities

(BLOOMINGTON) – Monroe County Community School Corporation will have several different learning opportunities for this 2020-2021 school year. Learning options are In-Person Instruction, Online Academy, Hybrid Learning, and Intermittent Online Learning.

In-Person Instruction:

Instruction will be 5 days a week in the classroom with teachers and students. This will be offered all year unless a closure is necessary based on guidance from the Governor or Monroe County Health Department. There will be smaller class sizes and socially distanced when possible. We will also try to use larger spaces and outdoors when weather allows.

Online Academy:

Instruction will be 5 days a week. This will be offered all year with the option to go back to in-person instruction at the end of semesters/trimesters. The Online Academy instruction will be provided by MCCSC teachers using MCCSC curriculum. Online Instruction and resources will be provided through Canvas and will include synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) learning. A minimum of 5 hours instruction for K-6, minimum of 6 hours instruction for 7-8, and a minimum of 6 hours instruction for 9-12. Students may participate in their neighborhood/home school extracurricular activities per IHSAA and ISSMA guidelines.

Intermittent Online Learning:

The Intermittent Online learning is primarily used in the event of a school closure based on guidance from the Governor or Monroe County Health Department and can also be used for short term student illness. This is for those students who are registered for the In-Person instruction but maybe home because a family member or close contact has tested positive or if a student is absent for any other illness. These students will continue their instruction online delivered by their classroom teacher. Instruction could include asynchronous (recorded) and synchronous (live) meetings in small and large groups as well as independent work. Online lessons and assignments would be posted on Canvas.

Hybrid Learning:

The Hybrid Learning model is available for 9th-12th grade students as part of our prioritized social distancing efforts at North and South High Schools. Approximately 50% of students will be in the building at one time. This method will be five days a week with a combination of in-person instruction and online instruction. Students will physically attend school every other day and remain at home for their online instruction on the alternate days. (For example: Student attends in-person instruction Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and online instruction Tuesday and Thursday this week. Next week student attends online instruction Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and in-person instruction on Tuesday, Thursday.)  The students will take their regular schedule of classes. Teachers will provide synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) learning experiences of core instruction and post to Canvas. Student athletes will need to be transported to school for practice on days they attend online instruction.

In an effort to prioritize student learning, maintain consistency, and to allow time for community building, officials will only allow students to transfer from In-Person Instruction to the Online Academy or from the Online Academy to In-Person Instruction within the first two weeks of school if it is determined that the instructional model is not a good fit for the student. Students can also transfer at the end of a semester/trimester.

The school corporation will send out updated registration information on July 6th so that families can select their preferred instructional model no later than July 20.