Board Of Works Seeking Appraisals For Bedford Development Center

(BEDFORD) – During a special meeting held Monday at the City Concourse, the Board of Works approved seeking appraisals for the Bedford Development Center and the three parking lots across the street.

The City of Bedford is seeking appraisals for Bedford Development Center

In order to sell the properties, the City must obtain two appraisals for each parcel of property being sold. There will be two appraisals for the Bedford Development Center (formerly Stonegate Building) and then two for each of the seven lots that encompass the three parking lots for a total of 14 appraisals for the seven parcels.

The City of Bedford is seeking appraisals on seven parcels across the street from the Bedford Development Center. (This encompasses three parking lots)

Also, concerns over the Land of Limestone Museum are also being addressed.

“I will be in meetings this week with Lawrence County Tourism Commission, a local person who was involved with the Museum, and other Historical Preservation members to make sure the items donated are preserved,” said Bedford Mayor Sam Craig.

In other business, the board approved Bedford Utilities Director Misty Adams’s request for a Grant Survey which will be done by Key Research and Analysis Inc. The survey will cost $1,550. This survey will be the second income survey for an upcoming Wasterwater Treatment Plant Project.

In preparation for the upcoming fireworks display, Bedford Mayor Sam Craig has requested the closing of Wilson Park around 6 p.m.

Officials will also close Dennison Avenue at 21 Street and Parkview Avenue at 22nd Street and the alley located at the National Guard Armory around 9 p.m.

Bedford Police will be manning these locations to make sure residents living on those streets will be able to get in and out during the time of closures.

Fireworks will begin on July 4 around dark. A rain date of July 5 is scheduled.