Bedford Parks Board Votes To Keep Pool Closed For Summer

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Parks Board voted 3-2 to keep the John Lowery Pool closed for the summer.

The board discussed the issue for several minutes before voting.

In a 3-2 vote Bedford Parks Board voted to keep John Lowery Pool closed this year.

Board members asked Bedford Mayor Sam Craig and Bedford Parks Director Barry Jeskewich their opinion about staffing, safety, and enforcing CDC guidelines of social distancing with who would be using the pool.

Both agreed that enforcing the recommendations of COVID-19 guidelines would be challenging.

Audio: The Bedford Parks Director comments on keeping the John Lowery Pool closed this year.

The board considered several options. But under CDC guidelines, the pool would only be able to operate at 50 percent capacity. The average pool attendance a day last year was 400. Board members were concerned they would have to turn away 200 or more people a day.

In addition, the pool would only be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There were concerns about having enough available lifeguards.

With the additional COVID-19 guidelines it would require more personnel to operate the pool due to disinfecting chairs, railings, and other surfaces.

The safety of children was the largest consideration when making the decision.

The John Lowery Pool is one of 58 other city and municipal pools across the state that will not be opening this year.