Oolitic Town Council To Amend Burn Ordinance

(OOLITIC) – The Oolitic Town Council is looking into amending a burn ordinance to allow residents to have cookouts and campfires without seeking a permit.

Until then, a blanket policy has been implemented to allow them. Fires can be no larger than 3 square feet. Grills, stone fireplaces, and fire pits will be allowed. The burning of grass, building materials, and large bonfires are prohibited.

A new ordinance may be voted on during the next town council meeting.

Paving is underway in the area around 10th Street and Lafayette Avenue.

Southern Indiana Development Corporation has run into complications with the grant application on the stormwater project due to issues with acquiring easements.

Officials shared that water rates in Oolitic will not be raised unless the City of Bedford raises their rates.

COVID-19 has slowed condemnation proceedings of the North Building of the Oolitic School. Town Council member Johnny Bob Dillion advised Mr. Stark has been working on the home on East Oolitic Road that was also subject to condemnation proceedings.

Hoosier Door Company donated a truck to the Oolitic Fire Department. The fire department then donated it to the town for the street department to use after one of their trucks was totaled in a traffic accident earlier this year.

“We want to thank Hoosier Door for their donation. It is great to have great community support,” said Council Vice President Dirk Sears.

The council also approved the purchase of a lawnmower to help with the mowing of vacated properties in town. The total cost is $700.

The council approved Mark Love’s request to build a 20-foot by 20-foot carport.

In approximately two weeks, town crews will start flushing and repairing fire hydrants.