Teen Arrested After Fight At McDonald’s

(BEDFORD) – An Oolitic teen was arrested after Bedford Police officers were called to a fight at McDonald’s.

According to Chief Terry Moore, when officers arrived they spoke with the 16-year-old victim and his father.

“The victim said while he was at work another 15-year-old walked into the break room and started hitting him with a closed fist approximately 20 times in the back of the head,” Chief Moore added. “The teen suffered visible redness and swelling in the area.”

The father and the victim wanted to file charges.

“Officers contacted the accused and his mother who arrived at the Bedford Police Department a short time later,” said Chief Moore. “The accused gave a voluntary statement mentioning he felt like he was being bullied by the victim, therefore confronted him at work and hit him approximately five times.”

Juvenile probation was contacted and the Oolitic teen was issued a summons to appear in court on a charge of battery and released to his mother.