Lawrence County Health Nurse And Public Defenders Request Tabled

(BEDFORD) – The Lawrence County Council held a brief meeting Tuesday night.

The Council approved both Deputy Prosecutor Bob Cline’s request to hire a full-time attorney and Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham’s request to hire a corrections officer.

Deputy Prosecutor Cline reported that 72 individuals have completed the county’s Transitions Program. The program continues to be a success and saves taxpayers money by allowing offenders to complete the program instead of being incarcerated.

Mary Kinser’s request for Immunization and Vaccine Grant for $861 was tabled and Public Defenders Office Bruce Andis’s request to hire a public defender was also tabled. This will make it a third meeting where those requests were tabled.

Kinser’s and Andis’s requests were tabled as Kinser, Andis, the media, and a member of the public were in the lobby of the courthouse waiting for an Executive Session to conclude.

The Lawrence County Council members did not know anyone was outside waiting for the public meeting and thus conducted it without them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the procedures for the meetings and those wanting to attend were waiting in the lobby of the courthouse. Following the conclusion of the meeting, the council discovered the error.