City Of Bedford Dealing With Affects Of COVID-19

(BEDFORD) – The City of Bedford is continuing to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One thing officials are dealing with is the loss of tax revenue. Fuel tax revenue, property tax revenue, and sales tax revenue have been reduced due to stay at home orders.

Audio: Mayor Sam Craig’s comments on fuel tax revenue.

Indiana residents have not been traveling, businesses have closed, and residents are not working, thus causing tax revenue to decrease.

City officials have voted to stop all capital expenditures, which means any large purchases have been halted.

Audio: City of Bedford Mayor Sam Craig provides information about capital expenses.

With revenue down, the Bedford City Council is looking at how to provide healthcare insurance to both employees and retirees in the upcoming budget year.

In the past, the city has used the general fund to offset some of those expenses for city employees. The council hopes to make a decision on employee healthcare in July.

Mayor Sam Craig and city council members would like current employees as well as retirees to reach out to them and discuss these issues prior to the June city council meeting.

Mayor Craig praised City of Bedford employees for their dedication and hard work going above and beyond their duties during this health crisis.

Audio: Mayor Craig’s comments on City of Bedford employees.

City officials continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation.

The city has been trying to find ways to help the city’s business owners through this difficult time during this pandemic. City officials want to help area businesses; however, the city was not awarded the Small Business Administration Loan they applied for.

Audio: Mayor Craig’s comments regarding Bedford businesses opening back up

Anyone with questions or concerns is always welcome to contact City Hall and provide feedback.