Trooper Tyler Widner Receives “2019 Trooper Of The District” Award

(EVANSVILLE) – Through his hard work and dedication to public service, Trooper Tyler Widner has been selected as the “2019 Trooper of the District” for the Evansville District.

This award is presented to the Trooper at each of the 14 districts throughout the state who has achieved outstanding efforts in the area of traffic and criminal enforcement, case and crash investigation, public information programs, and community service.

Widner is a three-year veteran of the Indiana State Police and is currently assigned to the All Crimes Policing squad, which aggressively focuses on illegal drug and criminal activity.

Widner put forth an outstanding effort towards the district’s All Crimes Policing initiative. During 2019, Trooper Widner was involved in 49 criminal investigations, which resulted in the arrest of 87 criminal defendants for a total of 229 criminal offenses. Trooper Widner also initiated over 630 traffic stops, which resulted in 13 impaired drivers being arrested and numerous drug arrests. Traffic violations often led to drug investigations, resulting in the arrest of multiple methamphetamine dealers in and around Evansville. “Trooper Widner and his All Crimes Policing counterparts have made a significant impact in the trafficking of illegal drugs and weapons in the Evansville District and are to be commended for their efforts,” said Lieutenant Brian Bailey, Commander of the Evansville District. Trooper Widner’s investigations also led to the discovery and seizure of more than 20 firearms. Several of those firearms were possessed by serious violent felons.