Todd Rokita Enters Race for Attorney General

(UNDATED) – Former Indiana Secretary of State and 4th District Congressman, Todd Rokita, announced today he is seeking the Republican nomination for the Office of Attorney General at the upcoming Indiana Republican State Convention.

Todd Rokita announced he is seeking the Republican nomination for the Office of Attorney General

Rokita, twice elected statewide by General Election voters, is running to bring certainty to the race and help Republicans hold onto this seat in November. 

“Among the Republicans running for Attorney General, no other candidate has won a statewide general election twice, no other candidate has a multi-office proven record of standing behind our God-given rights.  I am A-rated in defending our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, and I have a 100% proven voting record of defending the right-to-life, no exceptions,” said Rokita. 

“I have worked to protect our small business job creators, the only candidate to earn a Guardian of Small Business award multiple times for fighting job-killing red tape and high taxes.  All of these issues are important as we provide Indiana voters the trusted leadership they need in representing their interests before Indiana and federal courts,” said Rokita.

As Indiana Secretary of State, Rokita led the charge against voter fraud by fighting for, and successfully implementing, the nation’s first-ever photo voter ID law.  With a strong legal background, he created the Secretary of State’s financial crimes unit and aggressively pursued those that defrauded Hoosiers, winning convictions. As a Congressman, Rokita fought Washington bureaucrats and the establishment to push for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. 

“Running against a Republican officeholder is not something I ever would want to do, in just about any circumstance. But our incumbent is wounded.  The unanimous Supreme Court ruling, by Republican-appointed and conservative Justices, after a significant investigation of the facts made this choice clear,” said Rokita.

Kosciusko County Chairman, Mike Ragan agrees, “ The Court stated in writing that our attorney general  “committed criminal battery” and suspended his law license.  Our party must put forward a new, proven, and trusted nominee, and there is no better choice than Todd Rokita.” said Ragan.

“We are in great danger of losing the seat to a George Soros-funded liberal democrat if we don’t rally around a new candidate.  There is no way that I, or any other true concerned conservative, should let that happen. I am supporting Todd Rokita because he has a proven record of success on the ballot and an impeccable record of supporting our values,” said LaGrange County Republican Party Chairman and Delegate, Patricia Brown.

“I have known Todd for more than two decades.  During that time, I have seen him fight relentlessly for our conservative values.  I have seen him staunchly defend our second amendment rights and hold absolutely true to our pro-life values with unwavering support. But Todd has also been a supporter and friend. He has visited all 92 counties multiple times and has helped countless Republican candidates from the local to the federal level.  Todd is a conservative fighter and a man of integrity that I am proud to support for Attorney General,” said Indiana State Senator and filed convention Delegate Erin Houchin. 

Of why he is supporting Rokita in the convention, Harrison County Prosecutor and Delegate, J. Otto Schalk, said, “Todd Rokita is no stranger to Delegates or a newcomer to the party.  He has worked alongside Delegates, conservative leaders, and officeholders, like me, all across Indiana for years.” 

Rokita has built a well-known reputation over the years for being an independent leader and aggressive fighter on behalf of conservative principles. “I have fought for our Republican ideals working in the trenches alongside and supporting candidates up and down the ballot. Running for Attorney General is not a step I take lightly. I am not coming to this race because some powers on high asked or told me to do so, I am coming to this race to protect our shared values.  I am not – and will not – be controlled by anyone or anything other than our shared beliefs,” said Rokita.

Republicans have seen the Office of Attorney General change hands multiple times over the last several decades.  Although the state has had three Republican Attorneys General in a row, prior to that Indiana elected three Democrat Attorneys General in a row, including one appointment.  Republicans will likely want to ensure the voters in November have a candidate they can trust and support or the party could be in danger of losing the seat to more liberal ideologies.

Hendricks County filed Delegate, Jodi Smith says of Rokita, “Indiana Republicans voting in the June convention can be certain that Todd Rokita will bring real leadership, a proven record of success on the November ballot, and a proven record of winning important battles on behalf of our conservative Indiana values.” Smith also serves as First Vice-President of the Indiana Federation of Republican Women, State Director for the Pro-Life Susan B. Anthony List and advocates for Indiana Right to Life.

Rokita says, “We know in our hearts and minds the November voters will look for a tested, experienced and mature legal mind; not someone embroiled in controversy or still learning on the job. These are uncertain and unprecedented times. We need the certainty of a proven conservative who can win in the fall.”