Reaching Higher: Indiana’s Higher Education Commission Strategic Plan

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Commission for Higher Education Commission’s fourth strategic plan, Reaching Higher in a State of Change, was written with change in mind. And though official might not have anticipated this specific drastic change due to COVID-19, the Commission’s focus on preparing Hoosier learners for a rapidly changing economy and workforce has not wavered.

Readiness Report shows: 

  • The majority of Hoosiers earn college credit while still in high school
  • Students continue to need less remediation than ever before
  • College freshman grade point averages are going up, particularly for Black and Hispanic Hoosiers
  • Efforts to increase educational equity – including strengthening the 21st Century Scholars program – are making a positive impact.

However, there is no denying the fact that fewer students are going to college in Indiana than four years ago: 61 percent today, compared to 65 percent (2018 graduates to 2015 graduates).

At a time when education beyond high school is more important than ever, this decrease calls us to urgent action. College—including everything from a short-term workforce certificate to a four-year degree—is one of the best investments Hoosiers can make for themselves and for the state’s economy. The full 2020 College Readiness Report is available on the Commission’s website.