Two Arrested After Domestic Fight, Fighting With Officers

(MITCHELL) – Two people were arrested Wednesday morning after Mitchell Police officers were called to the 100 block of West Main Street on a report of two people rolling around on the ground.

Austin Bye

When police arrived at 8:45 a.m. they found 23-year-old Austin Bye on top of 21-year-old Telsa Livingston on the grass near the roadway.

Telsa Livingston

“Telsa was clawing Austin’s head as he pinned her to the ground,” Sgt. Rob German wrote in the probable cause affidavit. “I ordered Austin to release Telsa, and he refused to comply. Both Austin and Telsa appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance.”

Officers continued to order Bye to get off of Livingston but he refused. So Sgt. German deployed his taser and Chief Justin Shirley was able to gain control of Bye while Sgt. German gained control of Livingston.

Bye was taken to the ground but refused to place his hands behind his back.

“That is when Livingston attempted to kick Chief Shirley and then me. She continued to resist,” Sgt. German added. “I deployed my Taser (“drive- stun”) to Telsa’s inner left thigh. I placed my Taser on the ground so I could control Telsa. I placed Telsa in handcuffs.”

Austin continued to resist arrest, and would not place his hands behind his back. Chief Shirley then deployed his Taser (“drive stun”) to Bye’s body, but it had no effect. Chief Shirley then dropped his Taser to gain control of Bye.

Bye was able to get to one of the Tasers and tased Sgt. German in his left leg. 

“I immediately took control of the Taser. An unknown male stopped at the scene and took control of Livingston while Sgt. German assisted Chief Shirley gain control of Bye.”

“I was able to place Austin’s left hand behind his back, and he was placed in handcuffs,” Sgt. German added. “Shortly afterward ISP Trooper Mark Clephane and ISP Trooper Crozier arrived on scene to assist.”

Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department first responders and IU Health medics arrived on the scene to evaluate Bye and Livingston. IU Health Medics were able to remove the Taser probes from Austin’s back.

During the initial medical evaluation, Livingston spit on IU Health Medic Chris Sites.

Shortly afterward, Officer Luke McCameron arrived on the scene to assist.

While medics were tending to Bye and Livingston, Chief Shirley located $480 in cash (three $100 bills and nine $20 bills). 

Officer McCameron transported Austin to IU Health for a medical evaluation. IU Health medics transported Livingston to IU Health for a medical evaluation, via ambulance.

While at the hospital, Livingston continued to be combative with law enforcement and medical staff.

She refused to identify herself to law enforcement and medical staff.

While at the hospital, while changing Livingston into a gown, hospital staff found a clear plastic baggie, containing a crystal-like substance inside of her pants. That substance tested positive for meth. The total weight of the meth was 22.8 grams.

After being medically cleared Bye was then transported to jail on charges of battery against a police officer, battery with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.

Livingston was admitted to the ICU at IU Health, due to her intoxicated condition. Upon her release later in the day, she was transported to the jail on charges of dealing meth, possession of meth, battery with a deadly weapon, battery against a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and refusal to identity.