Eastern Greene High School Named Testing Site For COVID-19

(BLOOMFIELD) – Eastern Greene High School will serve as a COVID-19 test site.

On Wednesday, Eastern Greene Schools Superintendent Trent Provo said in a letter Eastern Greene High School’s varsity gym would be used as a test site.

Below is Superintendent Trent Provo’s Letter:

Dear Eastern Greene Community,

I want to inform our community that Eastern Greene Schools is partnering with the Greene County Health Department in the battle against COVID-19.

I have approved the Greene County Health Department to use the upper level of the Eastern Greene High School varsity gym as a testing site.

This testing site is specifically for first responders, healthcare workers, and those members of the community that are most susceptible to the virus.

I approved this request after phone calls and meetings with the health department. Mr. Kirkendall and I met with the health department at the high school and we were very meticulous in the plan.

Individuals needing to be tested will enter the cafeteria doors on the west side of the building. They will immediately enter the upper level of the varsity gym where the testing will take place. They will exit the building through the emergency exit on the west side of the gym.

The cafeteria and gym area has been sealed off from the rest of the building.

All testing materials will be disposed of in accordance with state guidelines.

The testing site will be in use through the month of June. After testing is over, the area will be thoroughly cleaned.

As a hub of the community, we are happy that Eastern Greene Schools can provide help to those members of our society that are on the frontlines battling this virus.

Student and staff safety is very important to us. We would not allow the use of our facility if we thought student and staff safety was being compromised.

Thank you and take care!

Trent Provo