$500K Awarded To Expand Tutoring In Schools In Response to COVID-19

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Two anonymous donations totaling $500,000 were given to Crossroads Education to expand their Learning Commons model, a tutoring program that has been helping Indiana students meet rigorous mathematics standards through peer collaboration. These donations will fund Crossroads’ effort to combat the regression that typically results from school breaks, which are now being exacerbated by the school shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crossroads builds collaborative learning spaces in schools, where students can work together during the school week and receive math tutoring and other programming from trained peers and an adult professional. This educational model provides schools with high-impact educational programming that works at school and is instantly available when students are asked to remain home in the event of future disruptions. Nexus Learning Commons, Crossroads’ online collaboration and tutoring platform, was built to help teachers, administrators, and students navigate curriculum at home and support parents while they navigate working from home and balancing their child’s e-learning needs.

The donation, which will be given to 10 schools in $50,000 grants, will help Crossroads expand its Learning Commons model by eliminating costs associated with preparing the physical space with furniture and hardware. The funding will also provide much needed devices and internet access to students at the new school sites to support e-learning capabilities and facilitate the use of Crossroads’ online tutoring platforms.

“At a time where many are triaging the immediate pandemic caused crisis in education, we are leading with practical strategies that schools can deploy at scale. Education models must shift,” said Dr. Kevin Berkopes, CEO of Crossroads. “Crossroads’ tutoring model was built to be a statewide strategy for how we can design blending learning into all levels of the system equitably across rural, urban, and suburban districts.”

Schools interested in applying for the Crossroads grants can find more information by emailing: support@crossroadseducation.org

About Crossroads Education

Crossroads Education (CRE) is an Indiana-based company that designs, builds, and manages blended Learning spaces called Learning Commons for K-16 educational partners. Crossroads Education aims to enhance the capacity of educational institutions by utilizing peer-tutoring and collaboration as a vital part of equitable learning. Find out more at www.crossroadseducation.org.