Senior Spring Spotlight: ALEX GODSEY

Five questions with Bedford North Lawrence senior Alex Godsey

Sport: tennis; Career choice: elementary education; College: Oakland City

Question 1: What was the best part of having a sister on the team?

Godsey: The best part is I can play tennis any time! We play singles together a lot. Jello is my chauffeur because I hate to drive and she loves it. So I always get a free ride to the tennis courts.

Question 2: Who has been your role model?

Godsey: Easy, my grandmother. She inspires me to care about people, because she has been generous and caring to me and others around her. She also has a gift for cooking that she uses to bring people together, which I also love doing.

Question 3: Can you describe your emotions after the season was cancelled?

Godsey: I focused on the fact that we couldn’t play and have a team. I was sad and frustrated that we couldn’t play. I was excited to play my last year with these ladies and it didn’t happen. Even with my disappointment, I would rather not play than for COVID-19 to spread even farther. I am happy we are protecting our community.

Question 4: What did you love about tennis?

Godsey: That is a loaded question. I love everything about it except when it gets in my head, Tennis is a sport you can play any time with anyone, at any age. I love how our team works hard and we just have fun. Also we have great coaches that make it so much fun to play and get better. Joni Stigall gave us the opportunity to better ourselves, that gave us great skills. Cody East, not only did he help us get into great shape by conditioning, he helped us improve our game. Jason Stigall is always having fun and giving an encouraging word to us. This season might not have happened, but that will not keep me off the court.

Question 5: As the restrictions are lifted, who was the first person you wanted to see?

Godsey: I don’t think I can chose one person. I want to have a party and invite everyone and celebrate and be together.

Senior Spring Spotlight is a daily feature focusing on BNL’s senior class following the cancellation of the spring sports seasons by the IHSAA in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.