Senior Spring Spotlight: TAYLOR DECKARD

Five questions with Bedford North Lawrence senior Taylor Deckard

Sport: track; Career choice: Nursing; College: University of Southern Indiana

Question 1: What lessons did high school sports teach you?

Deckard: High school sports taught me to budget my time. I had to be more intentional about doing my homework and studying for tests.

Question 2: Who has been your role model?

Deckard: My role model has been my mother.. She has been my cheerleader and No.1 fan from the beginning. Whether in academics or sports, she has encouraged me to be my best.

Question 3: Can you describe your emotions when the track season was cancelled?

Deckard: My emotions have been a roller coaster during this time. When I found out we weren’t coming back to school, I was so sad. I was especially sad because I was finishing up the school musical and hadn’t been able to truly start my track season. It was over before it even started.

Question 4: What will you miss most about high school?

Deckard: I will miss all the friendships that I’ve made through the years. I will also miss the teachers who have been there for me since Day 1.

Question 5: As the restrictions are being lifted, who was the first person you wanted to see?

Deckard: I want to go to church and be with all my friends from the youth group. I miss having face-to-face conversations with them.

Senior Spring Spotlight is a daily feature focusing on BNL’s senior class following the cancellation of the spring sports seasons by the IHSAA in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.