Senior Spring Spotlight: GARRETT WATSON

Five questions with Bedford North Lawrence senior Garrett Watson

Sport: Baseball; Career choice: police officer; College: undecided

Question 1: What’s your favorite memory about baseball at BNL?

Watson: No memories stand out more than the other, but I would have to say playing with my best friends.

Question 2: Who has been your role model?

Watson: My dad, because he always puts others before himself, and he is a man I wish to become one day.

Question 3: Can you describe your emotions after the season was cancelled?

Watson: It was heartbreaking, knowing that I would never step on that field and play with the people I’ve played with since I was a little kid.

Question 4: What did you love about baseball?

Watson: The competitiveness, growing great relationships with my friends, and it being the ultimate team sport because you can’t win with just one person. Everyone had to contribute.

Question 5: As the restrictions are being lifted, who was the first person you wanted to see?

Watson: My mamaw and papaw. I haven’t seen them in a while due to what’s going on.

Senior Spring Spotlight is a daily feature focusing on BNL’s senior class following the cancellation of the spring sports seasons by the IHSAA in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.