Senior Spring Spotlight: DALTON NIKIRK

Five questions with Bedford North Lawrence senior Dalton Nikirk

Sport: baseball: Career choice: sports management; College: Trine University

Question 1: What lessons did high school sports teach you?

Nikirk: One lesson would be commitment because I had to commit time and get myself in shape for not only baseball but football as well.

Question 2: Who has been your role model?

Nikirk: Both of my parents have made a huge impact on my life with sports and school. They both were high school and college athletes who have worked hard to get where they are today. They have always been willing to work with me and push to be the best I can possibly be, on and off the field.

Question 3: Can you describe your emotions when the season was cancelled?

Nikirk: I was very shocked and sad that I will never be able to put a Stars uniform on again. I will never be able to take the field one last time with all my teammates who have worked so hard for this upcoming season. We had a lot of goals set, and now we won’t be able to live those out.

Question 4: What do you love most about baseball?

Nikirk: I’ve loved baseball ever since I picked up my first bat. I have looked up to my father and his career as a baseball player for as long as I can remember. I love being able to relate to him and share that bond. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to forward my baseball career (at Trine).

Question 5: When the current restrictions are lifted, who’s the first person you want to see?

Nikirk: I can’t wait to see E-Baer (Ethan Baer). We haven’t got to hang much due to this pandemic. I look forward to everything going back to normal.

Senior Spring Spotlight is a daily feature focusing on BNL’s senior class following the cancellation of the spring sports seasons by the IHSAA in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.