Indiana Launches Sheriff Website Portal

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Program, a division of the Indiana Office of Technology, has launched the Indiana Sheriff Portal at to provide a single resource for citizens and businesses to locate information regarding each county sheriff throughout the state.

The new tool provides a map-based directory to locate contact information for all 92 county sheriffs.


“We are grateful the State of Indiana is providing this service to make it easier to connect with local sheriffs. This modernization was no doubt long overdue and needed, and as its development continues, we are keeping an eye towards ensuring that new features continue to be added that increase the number of online interactions available for users and make it as easily accessible as possible,” Executive Director of the Indiana Sheriff’s Association Steven Luce said. “The state’s online presence is our virtual welcome mat, and we want to ensure that businesses, residents and visitors alike have the tools they need to interact with their State of Indiana County Sheriff’s offices in a way that eliminates redundancy and improves usability and access for users in one place.”

The Indiana Sheriff Portal is the beginning of a larger initiative that allows local government entities, such as counties, cities, towns, or departments of such, to leverage the tools and services of the Program. By using tools already licensed for use on, local governments are able to obtain enterprise-level technologies for use by Hoosiers across the state, including building a website, at a very low cost.