Two Men Arrested After Fight In Mitchell

(MITCHELL) – Two men were arrested late Saturday night after Mitchell Police officers were called to a fight outside of The Keg Liquor Store.

Mitchell Police officers arrested 43-year-old Robert Courtney, of Mitchell, and 46-year-old Michael Wright, of Orleans, on charges of battery, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Mitchell Police officers were called to The Keg Liquor Store on State Road 60 East after a report of a fight between two males in the alley on the west side of the building.

Michael Wright

Police found Wright unresponsive behind an air conditioning unit against the building. He came to and was detained.

Police then found a female and Robert Courtney in a verbal argument. Police say Courtney was in an aggressive stance with his fist balled up in a defensive manner.

Robert Courtney

As police went to place Courtney in handcuffs for safety reasons, Courtney pulled away and refused to be detained. 

Courtney was told to stop resisting but had to be forcibly placed in handcuffs. 

An ambulance was called to the scene because Courtney suffered an injury to his right eyebrow. 

Courtney continued to be verbally combative, insulting officers and refusing to allow officers to treat his head wound.

After EMS arrived they also attempted to provide medical assistance, but he refused.

Courtney was arrested along with Wright. Both were transported to IU Health Hospital for treatment.

While en route to the hospital, Courtney continued to be combative in the back of the police car and verbally threatened the officer and attempted to spit on the officer through the barred partition. The incidents increased and the officer had to pull to the side of the road to regain control of Courtney.

Upon arrival at IU Health Hospital, Courtney and Wright continued to be combative with officers and hospital staff. Wright had to be restrained with four sets of restraints on his bed for hospital staff safety.

Both men continued to scream and yell while in the emergency room. 

Due to the men’s combative natures, the doctor advised that she could not treat either one until they calmed down. Courtney calmed down and one hand was uncuffed. A short time later, a nurse who was attempting to clean Robert’s wound said he was becoming physically combative with her. 

Officers had to rush into the room and forcibly hold Robert down. After receiving 8 stitches he and Wright were transported to jail.