NLCS Delivers More Than 30,000 Meals During COVID-19 Pandemic

(BEDFORD) – North Lawrence Community Schools held their regular school board meeting Thursday evening and COVID-19 continues to alter the way their meetings are conducted.

From Left to Right: Jeremy Gilbert, Trent Todd and Larry Arnold

North Lawrence Community School Board President Trent Todd, Jeremy Gilbert, and Larry Arnold were at the administration building, and the remaining members joined in utilizing Zoom meeting software.

Members of the public were able to view the meeting via YouTube.

“From this point forward, the public will be able to view all meetings from YouTube by subscribing. Anytime there is a school board meeting the subscribers will be notified when they go live,” said Andrew Clampitt, Communications Director of North Lawrence Community Schools.

Photo provided by North Lawrence Community Schools

The school board members were provided an update on what has been going on during the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Ty Mungle told board members that more than 30,000 meals have been served at the three North Lawrence Middle Schools during the COVID-19 crisis.

Staff and volunteers give out food at Bedford Middle School. Photo Provided by North Lawrence Community Schools

Largest Number of Meals Service Dates:

  • April 16th: Bedford Middle School – 1,629 Breakfast/Lunch Meals
  • April 16th: Shawswick Middle School – 231 Breakfast/Lunch Meals
  • April 2nd: Oolitic Middle School – 300 Breakfast/Lunch Meals

“We want to thank Stacie Green and Kitchen Managers Crystal Flinn, Angel Nicholson and Rebecca Harding for leading the charge as well the 90 plus volunteers who have been working hard,” said Mungle.

Over 90 volunteers have helped with the meal program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo Provided by North Lawrence Community Schools

“What is amazing is we have the children who want to come and say hi to their teachers. The kids will roll down their window and say hi, Mr. or Mrs. whatever the teacher’s name is and say ‘We Miss You’,” said Board member Larry Arnold.

“We just want to thank all of the North Lawrence Community Schools staff for all the things they do for us. From our administrators to the janitors during this new experience for us. We appreciate their hard work,” said Trent Todd, North Lawrence Community School Board President.

During the summer meals might be given out at one location, like last year. Dr. Mungle stated the meal program will be administered all year.

Lawrence County health officials Mary Kinser and Dr. Smith have been in contact with school officials on a daily basis keeping them updated on COVID-19.

“The North Lawrence Career Center has also been trying to get supplies to them and it has been wonderful to work with the Lawrence County Health Department during this pandemic,” Dr. Ty Mungle added.

“Plans for a blood-drive at one of the middle schools will be considered in the very near future,” said Dr. Mungle.

Maggie Dainton gave board members an update on how they have been giving students and parents At-Home Learning. K-5 will be given 60-90 minutes of projects in a variety of subjects such as Math, Science, and Physical Education. Parents can be a part of those projects. An example would be cooking together. Parents can help with students learning about out to measure ingredients.

Students in 6-12 grades are given approximately 3 hours in At-Home Learning projects to be completed. These projects do not have to be completed all at once. The assignments can be done at the student’s own pace.

There is also a mental health section that helps both parents and students cope with the current COVID-19 crisis.

Dr. Mungle thanked Mrs. Dainton for all the hard work she and the other staff members have put in preparing these lessons.

“This was something that was unexpected but put together with a lot of hard work under the current circumstances,” Dr. Ty Mungle noted during the meeting.