Three Regional Campuses Change Fall Admission Standards

(UNDATED) – With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting steps that high school seniors would take to apply for college, such as the cancellation of SAT and ACT examinations, three Indiana University regional campuses have waived standardized testing requirements for fall 2020 admission.

Student admissions will be based on other factors.

The change follows the December approval by the IU Board of Trustees to allow campuses to adopt test-optional policies if they wish.

 IU Northwest announced that standardized test scores will be waived for applicants to be considered for the fall 2020 admission. Instead, admission to the university will be based on a variety of other factors, including high school curriculum and cumulative grade point average (GPA).

This decision makes it easier for students impacted by test cancellations and test site closings to apply for admission. This practice will be similar to the test-optional admission policy that is already approved to be implemented for fall 2021 admission.

IU Southeast reports IU Southeast will continue to consider a variety of factors in evaluating prospective students, including high school curriculum and cumulative GPA. 

IU Kokomo said prospective students at IU Kokomo will be evaluated with an emphasis on high school curriculum and cumulative grade point average.

“It’s the right thing to do because these students would have been at a disadvantage due to this pandemic,” said Paul Cook, associate professor of English and president of the faculty senate, which approved the waiver. “This will allow greater access for those students to get an IU degree. We have to make sure we’re making our high-quality education accessible for those students everywhere,” he added.