HUD Gives Housing Authorities And Tribes Additional Flexibility To Focus On Tenants During Pandemic

(INDIANAPOLIS)  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is granting Public Housing Authorities (PHA), Indian Tribes, and Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs) waiver authorities and ultimate flexibilities so agency staff can focus on assisting their tenants and properties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing provides housing assistance to approximately 3.5 million families across the country.

“During difficult times, it is reasonable to expect standard operations and various aspects of ordinary life to be hindered, altered, or upended all together, but as history often has taught us, Americans – working as one – will prevail,” said Secretary Carson. “Flexible solutions such as these waivers, which were granted to HUD through the coronavirus relief bill President Trump signed into law, will help housing authorities and tribes meet the unique needs of their residents and ensure all HUD-supported properties are fully operational as we continue working together to defeat this invisible enemy.”

“Overseeing six states, we are aware that the public housing authorities and Tribes within our region have a myriad of distinct needs,” said Midwest Regional Administrator Joseph Galvan. “These waivers will allow flexibility during this unprecedented national emergency so our assisted residents can continue to be properly served no matter where they live.”

The waivers implemented through the Office of Public and Indian Housing’s notice provide administrative relief and allow for alternative approaches to various aspects of PHA, Tribal, and TDHE operations in a safe and secure manner. As various parts of the country are experiencing this pandemic at different levels of severity, this notice grants PHAs, Tribes, and TDHEs full discretion to use these waivers in a way that best supports their communities.

At the onset of this pandemic, HUD took immediate action to help HUD-assisted families in public and Tribal housing. In addition to the waiver announced today, the Department has:

  • Strongly encouraged PHAs, Indian tribes, and TDHEs to use available funding to keep families in their homes, provide rent flexibilities, and conduct operations remotely if possible.
  • Postponed HUD’s routine housing inspections at this time so residents and inspectors can minimize their exposure to germs and follow the presidential guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Made available an additional $200 million in grant funding for Native American families, which Tribes can use to provide critical health services to assisted residents, reduce overcrowding to minimize infections and community spread, stand up facilities for quarantining or testing if needed, and much more.