NLCS Superintendent Sends Message To Students, Parents


(BEDFORD) – North Lawrence Community Schools Superintendent Ty Mungle sent the following message to students and parents:

We miss our students and hope all of our families are well! Starting on April 13th, we will provide continuous remote learning for all students. Our goal is to provide students and families with educational resources and support to continue to grow and learn.

The Governor and State Superintendent of Instruction have modified the number of required instructional days. As a result, NLCS Continuous Remote Learning will be offered Tuesday through Thursday, beginning on April 14th and ending on May 21st.

Continuous Learning Plan

Similar to our at-home learning prior to Spring Break, classroom teachers will deliver instruction and lessons through Google Classroom. All students in Grades 6-12 can access learning materials through the My Classroom section of Google Classroom account using a Chromebook, laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone.

When and how can my student access their work?

Teachers will upload all instructional materials (instruction, assignments, resources, etc.) for each week by each Monday at 9 a.m.

Teachers may hold optional virtual class meetings in real-time Tuesday through Thursday during normal school hours, but participation will be optional. Any virtual class meetings will be recorded and posted to Google classroom.

When and how does my student submit completed work to their teacher? How will students receive feedback?

Once assignments are posted by teachers Monday morning, students can work at their own pace on assignments throughout the week. Students can reach out to teachers via Google Classroom with questions Tuesday through Thursday.

All assignments for each week will be due one week from the day the assignments are posted – Mondays by 9 am. Teachers will provide feedback via Google classroom.

How much time should my student spend on classwork?

Teachers will provide a maximum of 30 min/day of instructional content for each course Tuesday through Thursday. Students in 6th through 12th grade should not spend more than three hours a day on school work.

What if I have limited or no access to the internet?

Hopefully, with instructional materials available on Mondays each week, families can utilize wi-fi locations throughout the community to download work onto your student’s Chromebook and complete work offline. If you are concerned about your student’s ability to access online learning resources, please call NLCS administration office at 812-279-3521.


Teachers will be available Tuesday through Thursday of each week beginning 4/13/2020 and ending 5/21/2020 via Google Classroom and will hold office hours from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. and from 7 pm. – 8 p.m.

During this time, teachers will be able to promptly respond to questions
you may have Additional Resource – NWEA Learning Paths

Grades 6-8 students have NWEA Learning Paths through Study Island. Access via the Student Page on the NLCS Website (