Medora and Brownstown Vote to Leave Affiliation with Joint Services

(UNDATED) – Medora and Brownstown community school corporations board of trustees unanimously voted to end their affiliation with Orange, Lawrence, Jackson, Martin, Greene Joint Services.

The agreement with Joint Services, who provides programs and services for special needs students, will cease operations at the end of the 2020-21 school year pending the approval of each participating corporation’s board of trustees.

The other districts involved with dissolving their agreements with Joint Services are Eastern Greene, Mitchell, North Lawrence, Orleans, and Shoals.

Brownstown Superintendent Tim Taylor said the two teaching positions — one at the elementary school and the other at the middle school — will be filled by the school corporation. Federal funds will pay for the positions.

Medora Superintendent Roger Banes says they are working on a partnership with Brownstown to fill their special education needs.