Lawrence County Establishes Hotline for COVID-19 Questions or Concerns

(LAWRENCE CO.) – Lawrence County Emergency Management and the Lawrence County Health Department have teamed up with Hoosier Uplands to provide a COVID-19 Hotline.

The free hotline will be up and running by Monday.

Anyone can call the hotline for information about COVID-19, community resources, and where people can get tested.

“This is a new venture and we hope the community partakes in the free service,” said Lawrence County Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer. “The service will begin on Monday, March 23rd.”

At this time there are no reported cases in Lawrence County.

“I am not saying that there are no cases here, just no confirmed cases,” said Lawrence County Health Nurse Mary Kinser. “The hospitals started testing a few patients yesterday (Thursday) who met the guidelines. There are still guidelines; however, they have changed for the better, in my opinion. Our first test case was reported to be negative for COVID-19. Our local hospital emergency rooms are still the only approved testing site at this time. Our local hospitals are busy and doing a great job.”

Do not go to the emergency room without calling ahead to be screened. Officials will have to prepare for your arrival.

Visit the IU Health Virtual Clinic.

You can also call IU Health from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. at 317-233-7125 and from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. at 317-233-1335.

Please continue to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer if you are unable to wash your hands and refrain from touching your face.

Here is a list of information provided by the Lawrence County Health Department.

  • Do not go out or go to work if you are ill.
  • Mandates have been made for your protection.
  • If you are 60 or older stay home. It is recommended that you go out in groups of 10 or less.
  • The Governor has mandated to have no more than 50 at an event.
  • If you have a chronic illness, stay home as you are at a greater risk.
  • More and more young people are being infected with COVID-19 in the U.S.
  • Even if you don’t have it, you can be a carrier.
  • Be Responsible – Think of others. Please do not hoard supplies that others might need.
  • Don’t Panic – but remember this is serious.
  • The actions we take will determine our outcome.
  • The Health Department has given out needed supplies that were available to Lawrence County healthcare partners this week. Officials continue to meet with and have conference calls with the Healthcare Coalition and community leaders.

“We are continuing to prepare and make the needed adjustments,” said Kinser. “We will get through this but let’s work together as a county to have the best outcome for all.”