Indiana Manufacturers Association Offers COVID-19 Resources and Messaging Forum to Indiana Manufacturers

(INDIANAPOLIS) – As the COVID-19 outbreak news changes daily, the Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA) has created a COVID-19 Resource Page and a COVID-19 Forum Message Board to assist manufacturers in communicating and obtaining information.

Brian Burton, President and CEO of the Indiana Manufacturers Association, stated, “These are extraordinarily challenging times for our world, our nation, our state, and our economy. Indiana is at the forefront of the challenges facing manufacturing given the fact that it is the most manufacturing intensive state in America. Indiana manufacturers account for nearly one-third of Indiana‘s economic activity. We produce more goods, pay more wages, and employ more Hoosiers than any other industry sector. In order to assist during this time of uncertainty, the Indiana Manufacturers Association has created a comprehensive COVID-19 resource webpage in order to provide timely information. Additionally, an interactive forum has been created for Indiana manufacturers to share information. We encourage all to use these free resources. Working together we will successfully meet and overcome this challenge.”

On the forum, news can be quickly disseminated and forum members can post questions for quick response. Manufacturers may also share their strategies for dealing with the current uncertainty and any innovative ideas they have implemented.

This forum is open to all, but the IMA does ask that participants create a login to participate. You will be able to follow any or all of the subject matter and receive email alerts as new information is posted.

Subjects on the forum include:

  • Company Action Plans
  • Workforce Accommodations
  • Economic News
  • Latest COVID-19 News
  • Questions for IMA Staff

For more information about the resource page and forum, contact Charlene Hickey at or 317-713-5926. For more information about the Indiana Manufacturers Association, visit