Emma Landstrom Named Youth Of Year for Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County

(BEDFORD) – Emma Landstrom was chosen as Youth of Year at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County for 2019.

Emma Landstrom

Emma is the daughter of Noah and Timber Browning of Bedford and is a junior at Bedford North Lawrence High School.

When Emma arrived at the Teen Center on Wednesday afternoon she was greeted with hugs by younger peers who came to show their appreciation and support.

Emma’s bright smile and a pleasant personality are just one of the many attributes people see in Emma.

Emma poses with girls from the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County

Like most teens, Emma has to overcome everyday challenges and is still learning to be the best person possible and learn skills to survive in today’s challenging world.

“Emma has a lot of fire in her, is a very passionate kid and represents Lawrence County in the very best way possible,” said Genna West, Activities Director of the Teen Center.

Audio: Emma’s comments on winning the award

Emma will travel to Indianapolis on March 19th and 20th to compete against around 30 youth for the Indiana Youth of The Year Award.

Emma will give a speech, write an essay, participate in interviews and answer questions before seven judges.

In her essay, Emma shares what the club really means to her, describing how she met most of her friends there, how she has learned leadership and life skills, how she has shared fun experiences at the Club and how volunteering at the Club has changed her life.

“The club has put people in my life that I do not think would have been there if it was not for the Club,” Emma stated. “I like being a role model, I enjoy when little children talk about what they want to be when they grow up and drawing connections with them. I like being told you are like my older sister.”

Emma’s favorite class is Advanced English taught by Mrs. Deckard at Bedford North Lawrence High School. She is also a member of BETA Club, volunteers for Special Olympics Track and Field, and is on the track team with academic honors.

Audio: Emma’s comments on volunteerism

You will find Emma always working at the club. She painted a mural of which included the names of many famous female role models. Anne Frank is just one of the many names that were placed on the wings on the mural. Emma has also taught in the Chef’s Hat class, helping students learn how to make healthy food choices.

Emma works on a mural she created at the Limestone Unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County.

“I was not a very good cook at first myself, but as time has progressed I have been able to perfect the art,” Emma stated.

Famous female role models are written on this mural at the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence County

Emma also enjoys making stained glass windows and taking dance lessons at a local dance studio.

Audio: Emma’s comments on her career choice

Emma first wanted to study law upon graduation, but now she wants to study social work to help children in need and be an advocate for them.

“I am just excited being chosen for this award and want to make the community proud,” said Emma.