Driver Taken to Hospital after Crashing into Garage

(BEDFORD) – A Bedford woman was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation after crashing a vehicle into a garage in the 3130 block of Erie Church Road on Saturday morning.

According to a Lawrence County Police report, 41-year-old Erikam McKinney was pulling into a driveway on Erie Church Road at 8:01 a.m. when she crashed her 2015 Chevrolet Suburban.

Police say the collision pushed the garage door off its tracks.

“It appeared the driver of the vehicle continued to accelerate into the door for an unknown reason,” the officer wrote in the report.

The garage door caved inwards and collided with two vehicles parked inside the garage. Both vehicles sustained damage during the incident. One vehicle was pushed forward and collided with the opposite sidewall of the garage causing damage to the wall, door, items located inside the garage, and the front of the other vehicle.

There was also a dog inside the garage at the time of crash. The dog sustained injuries and was taken to the vet for medical care.

Police say McKinney appeared to be having a mental health crisis. Officials say she was unaware of what had taken place, where she was, who she was, and she was unable to provide much information.

Contact was made with her husband and he arrived on the scene and retrieved the vehicle.

He told police his wife had suffered recent mental health issues and she was possibly not taking her prescribed medication or that it was not working.

An IU Health Hospital responded and took McKinney to the hospital for a medical evaluation. She was not injured in the crash.

No on-site criminal charges were filed, however, a report was filed with the local prosecutors office for review.