Counterfeit Money Circulating In Bedford

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Police Department is receiving numerous reports of counterfeit $100 bills being used at local businesses.

Detectives are attempting to obtain security footage of the male described as in his 30s, with balding hair who is passing the counterfeit money.

“If you have someone asking to make change for a $100 bill or you work where people pay for merchandise or services, be extra vigilant when accepting payment,” says Chief Terry Moore.

If you have information on who the male may be, contact the Bedford Police Department by leaving information here or call 812-275-3311.

Counterfeit bills have also been circulating in the Seymour and Jackson County area.

Seymour Police have been receiving several questions regarding potentially innocent people getting arrested and charged if one of these bills in their possession.

If you knowingly use fake money, it is a fraud. If you produce fake money it is counterfeiting. If you have fake money and did not knowingly defraud someone, police need to trace it back to the source.