Speed Reduction And New Signage Around Bedford Middle School Approved

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Board of Works approved a request for a speed reduction from 30 miles per hour to a 20 mph as well as better School Zone signage on N and O street between 15th and 16th streets at Bedford Middle School.

New signage on N Street and speed reduction signs will be added to replace older signage.

The request came from Bedford City Councilman Brad Bough who was concerned with the inadequate signage around the city’s school zones.

Bedford City Councilman Brad Bough requested new signage and speed reduction in the area of Bedford Middle School.

Board of Works also approved an agreement between artist Mark McKenzie, the Times-Mail and the City of Bedford to repaint the mural on the Times Mail building. The current mural is deteriorating in the upper right-hand corner because of water running from the roof and eroding the painting.

$3,500 will be paid to artist Mark McKenzie once repairs are made to the Time-Mail building to repaint the Mural

The mural was painted in 2015 as part of the Stellar project. The Times-Mail will make necessary repairs to the roof before the new mural is repainted. The city will pay $3,500 to McKenzie to repaint the mural.

In other business:

  • Gary Sanders’s request for a curb cut at 1804 H street was approved, This will not affect street-side parking in the area.
  • Terry and Christina Chastain’s request for a minor subdivision at 233 Eastlake Drive was also approved.
  • Duke Energy request for an easement located at 1208 22nd Street was approved. The easement is needed because of ground erosion and the need for an overhead electric line extension. Board of Works member Judy Carlisle abstained from the vote as she is an employee of Duke Energy.
  • The City will save $20,620 from a change order with Lochmueller Group for a water main by-pass on J Street that did not have to be performed during the Stellar Project.