Bedford Board Of Works to Meet Tuesday

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Board of Works will meet Tuesday at 4 p.m. Below is the agenda for the meeting.

On the Agenda:

Call To Order
Reading And Approval Of Minutes – January 21 st, 2020
New Business

  1. Swearing-In Ceremony – Firefighter David Richards
  2. Request Approval And Acceptance of a curb cut located At 1804 H Street – the curb cut will be located 84 feet from the curb on the corner of 18th And H streets – Requested By Gary W. Sanders,
    at 1218 14th Street
  3. Request Permission And Acceptance to obtain two appraisals for the property at 429 I Street – Brandon Woodward
  4. Request Approval And Acceptance of minor subdivision for Terry And Christina Chastain – Located At 233 Eastlake Drive – Brandon Woodward
  5. Request Approval And Acceptance of Grant Of Easement request for an overhead electric line extension on property owned by the City Of Bedford located 22nd Street – Requested By Duke Energy and Brandon Woodward
  6. Request Approval And Acceptance Of School Zone signage near Bedford Middle School – Mayor Sam Craig, Chief Terry Moore
  7. Request Approval And Acceptance of Lochmueller Group Contract No. R-36025 Change Order No. 5 – The Change Order is required to be generated for water main bypass connection, 4” with line stops) – Travis Slater
  8. Request Approval And Acceptance of Memorandum Of Agreement between the City Of Bedford And Mark McKenzie (Artist Of Mural On Times Mail Building), And Time Mail – Marla Jones
  9. Approval To Sign Claims
  10. Discussion
  11. Adjourn