Stalker Apartments and Stonecutters Place in Compliance with Tax Abatements

(BEDFORD) – Amy Alcorn with Hoosier Uplands provided Bedford City Council members with an update on Statement of Compliance for Tax Abatements for Stalker Apartments and Stonecutters Place.

Stalker Apartments is full with 56 people waiting to get into the 18 two-bedroom apartments.

Stonecutters place is also full with 100 people trying to get into the 30 mostly one-bedroom apartments. The senior apartments are mostly one-bedroom apartments to meet Section 8 guidelines.

Penny May was appointed to the Animal Control Commission by the Bedford City Council. May has served on the commission for several years.

Bedford City Attorney Greg Pittman advised city council members on how some ordinances can pass on the third final passage in a meeting by suspending the rules. However, 2/3 of the council must be present which means five council members , and by a unanimous vote. If one council member objects then it must go to the next meeting for the final passage.

After Pittman’s discourse on the passage of the ordinance, Mayor Craig suggested to the board that unless an ordinance deals with immediate public safety, urgency in a matter, or planning issue. He would prefer city council members would wait on approving the third and final passage until the next meeting so the public would have a chance to weigh in on a matter.

In this evening’s meeting, the request of Turn-Key Enterprises’ request to change zoning from R-4 to B-2 zoning was voted on up to the second vote, however, the third and final passage on the request was put on hold until the public could weigh in on the matter. City Council member Angela Hawkins, who owns the property abstained on all votes.

Joe Timbrook with Lawrence County Workforce Coalition met the new City of Bedford Council members and provided them updates on the things the Coalition is working on to promote education opportunities within Lawrence County.

Brad Bough complimented the Bedford Street Department’s efforts in taking care of potholes throughout the city. Mayor Craig stated he advised TASC drivers, and the police department to start reporting problem areas before the public makes the complaint to the city on potholes.

Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes was introduced to the City Council, Hughes was sworn in as the newest Bedford Fire Chief last week.

Mayor Craig and Shance Sizemore met with Manchester Tank in a meeting last week advising them the city will be pursuing action to get the tax abatement back. The meeting was productive, the city is wanting to work with Manchester Tank in repurposing the building for future use for the workforce in Bedford.