Bloomington Common Council Will Meet Wednesday

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Bloomington Common Council and the Land Use Council will meet on Wednesday, at the Showers Building.

The Land Use Council will meet at 5:45 p.m. and the Common Council will meet at 8 p.m.

Common Council Agenda

Chair: Kate Rosenbarger

1. Ordinance 20-03 To Amend Title 4 of the Bloomington Municipal Code Entitled “Business Licenses and Regulations” – Re: Adding Chapter 4.32 (Non-Consensual Towing Businesses).

Regular Session Action (05 February 2020): Motion to refer to the Committee of the Whole on 12 and (if necessary) 26 February 2020 7–2–0.

Committee of the Whole Recommendation (22 January 2020): Do Pass: 0 – 8– 0.

Asked to attend: Stephen Lucas, Deputy Administrator/Deputy Attorney Mike Rouker, City Attorney

Initial presentation from staff to respond to questions or suggestions from previous meetings, including – Possible amendments to the ordinance (with a discussion of any corresponding changes to BMC Title 15) for the following proposed sections:

  • Non-Consensual Tow Business License – Application (4.32.060)
  • Towing and Storage Fees (4.32.130)
  • Penalties, Revocation of License (4.32.160)

Additional clarification of ordinance based on public feedback.

Roundtable discussion anticipated with back-and-forth dialogue possible between Council, staff, and members of the public.

Agenda for the Land Use Committee

Chair: Isabel Piedmont-Smith

1. Ordinance 20-04 To Amend the City of Bloomington Zoning Maps by Rezoning Property from Business Park (BP) and Residential Single Family (RS) to join an existing Planned Unit Development (PUD) and to approve the associated District Ordinance and Preliminary Plan – Re: 1550 N. Arlington Park Drive (Trinitas, Petitioner)

Asked to attend: Eric Greulich, Senior Zoning Planner, Planning and Transportation Department Representative for Trinitas Ventures, Petitioner.