Three Arrested in Connection with Slaying, Kidnapping in Kokomo

(KOKOMO) — Three men have been arrested in connection with a woman’s killing in north-central Indiana and the alleged kidnapping of a man discovered bound in a bathtub, police said Thursday.

Three Kokomo men have been charged in connection to an alleged homicide and kidnapping incident that happened Monday evening in the 700 block of South Courtland Avenue.

Troy Lamar Wilson, 31, and Uriah Levy, 30, are both currently facing two preliminary counts of criminal confinement and two preliminary counts of aggravated battery, all Level 3 felonies.

Steven Allen, 29, is currently facing a preliminary charge of aiding, inducing, of causing criminal confinement, also a Level 3 felony.

They are all currently being held at the Howard County jail on $500,000 cash bond with no 10%, according to information supplied by the Kokomo Police Department.

Steve Allen

They were arrested amid a Kokomo police investigation into Monday’s slaying of Lashay R. Young-Beard, 25, and a man’s alleged kidnapping in Kokomo.

Troy Wilson

Uriah Levy

Young-Beard’s body was found Monday night in a the backyard of a home by officers who were investigating reported gunshots. Police said Young-Beard had suffered an apparent gunshot wound.

Inside that home, police found a 24-year-old man bound and gagged with duct tape in a bathtub. Police said in a news release the man told officers he had been a captive for 11 days and that “individuals known to him and Young-Beard had confined, battered and burned him with hot water at that residence over a period of days.”

The man was in stable condition after being treated by medics.